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Your Dog's Weekly Horoscope 2020: April 20-26

The stars affect our dogs too! Check out your dog's horoscope for the week of April 20th. We'll tell you the future based on your dog's zodiac sign.

Roya Backlund

Updated November 11, 2022 • Published April 20, 2020

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Your Dog's Weekly Horoscope 2020: April 20-26

Dogs aren’t just pets. They’re valued members of the family. Every dog has such a unique paw print that it only makes sense they’d also have a zodiac sign. We at Pawp believe it’s high time that dogs have horoscopes too! I mean, why wouldn’t they? Astrology doesn’t just affect humans; it affects everything around us. So get a load of your dog’s horoscope for the week of April 20 to April 26 because it’ll get your dog panting with excitement. And, if you’re hungry for more astrolo-pup content, you might as well check out last week’s dog horoscope too!

With a new moon in grounded and physical Taurus taking place this week, your dog is in the mood to connect with the earth and titillate their five senses. This is a beautiful time to go for a long walk through a beautiful garden where they can stop to sniff the roses. It’s also a great time to cook your dog an extra tasty meal, give them the best belly rub ever, and share the love with a solid cuddle sesh. Here’s what your dog’s zodiac sign can expect:

Aries Dog (March 21 - April 19)

You’re spending a lot of time at home lately, Aries. Thanks to your zodiac sign, you have quite a short attention span, so it makes way too much sense that you’re chasing your tail now that you’re on such a short leash! But enough is enough. Put DOWN the canine card! You’ve been spending your days perusing online luxury dog stores. Of course, it’s OK to pass the time by adding things to your cart, just try to have some self-control when it comes to purchasing. Do you really need to stock up on every single flavor and variety of dog food? Do you really need a whole wardrobe of new puppy sweaters and doggie raincoats? At least search for a promo code first! Your human has other bills to pay too!

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Taurus Dog (April 20 - May 20)

I know it’s hard to believe, Taurus, but the universe doesn’t revolve around you. I know your human keeps telling you “you’re the best doggie in the world,” but let’s be clear: Every human says that to their dog! This week, you’re on the verge of acting a little bit puppy-centered, so try your best to keep that ego in check. Your human has a to-do list they need to accomplish, at-home workouts they need to complete, and a cat they also need to pay attention to! If you could give your human a little space to take care of the other things in their life, they won’t just say you’re the best dog in the world. They’ll mean it

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Gemini Dog (May 21 - June 20)

You might find yourself yawning way more than usual this week, Gemini. I know, I know. You Geminis are some of the most energetic and enthusiastic dogs in the zodiac. Since when are you too sleepy to get things done? Well, I’m here to inform you that there’s nothing wrong with you catching some extra ZZZs this week, Gemini. As a matter of fact, you should! After all, you don’t have a job to go to, so why fight your desire for some shut eye? Besides, you’ll be dreaming of flavorful feasts of human food you’re never allowed to eat, thrilling adventures where your human suddenly becomes Harrison Ford, and the cat moving out. Clearly, your dreams are more exciting than real life!

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Cancer Dog (June 21 - July 22)

With this lockdown underway, the whole world is sick of staying at home and bored out of their minds. However, you have the power to change that, Cancer. Just call yourself superdog because you are here to save the day! How can you help keep your doggie friends entertained, Cancer? Maybe you can start a fetch challenge where you play fetch with a different ball every day! Perhaps you can start a weekly Zoom meeting where you and your pack bark along to your favorite songs! Hey, why not even get a good old-fashioned howl going? It all starts with you, Cancer. You don’t need a fire truck siren to kick it off. Just puff up your chest and start howling your heart out. Soon the whole neighborhood will be howling too!

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Leo Dog (July 23 - August 22)

You’re really in need of some attention this week, Leo. It’s like you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go! You’ve got your best doggie jacket on, your adorable little puppy boots, and you can’t even show it all off at the local dog park. You’re in the mood to make every other human jealous that they’re not your human, but unfortunately, you’re not able to do that. Social distancing requires you to stay home, and since you’re such a good dog, I know you’re doing a great job at that! Still, you might find yourself questioning your worth and your lovability, Leo, so let this be a reminder that no one has forgotten what a catch you are. Keep your snout up, Leo. Everyone still wants to pet you!

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Virgo Dog (August 23 - September 22)

I know you’re in the mood to climb cliffs in faraway places, raid tombs like an adventurer, and get a breath of fresh air as you embark on a wild and exciting journey. Like everyone else, Virgo, you are staying home and that is that! However, that doesn’t mean the adventure has to come to an end completely. Why not put on an Indiana Jones movie and daydream about it with your human? Why not play some video games that give you just as much of an adrenaline rush as a real life adventure would? I know it’s not quite the same thing, Virgo, but this will have to do for now. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised by your ability to pretend!

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Libra Dog (September 23 - October 22)

You’re such a loving dog, Libra, and you definitely haven’t lost that quality just because we’re in lockdown. If you’ve already mated for life, you might be missing your sweetheart all the more during this time. Make sure you’re spicing things up with a few romantic Zoom calls. Communication is key when it comes to keeping your tail up! However, if you’re still a lone wolf searching for another dog to hold paws with, don’t let the loneliness get you down. I know you can’t exactly go on dates right now, but you can still meet some potential lovers on the dog-ter-net! You can chat now and go for a walk together when lockdown is over!

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Scorpio Dog (October 23 - November 21)

Uh-oh, Scorpio. Is your ex-dogfriend blowing up your phone with flirtatious texts? I know it’s tempting to reply, but remember: Your ex is in lockdown and they’re bored! They’re tired of playing fetch and following the cat around. Where was this energy before lockdown started, hmm? Make sure they don’t suddenly want you back because they’ve got nothing better to do. You deserve so much more than that! Tell them to get back in their dog house and stick it where the sun don’t shine. There’s a far better mate waiting for you out there, Scorpio. If you waste time chasing your tail with your ex, you might miss an opportunity to meet them!

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Sagittarius Dog (November 22 - December 21)

I know you have dreams of becoming the best dog you can possibly be, Sagittarius. That’s why you’ve gotta get to work and put your best paw forward! Instead of letting so many of your goals exist as nothing more than dreams, you can create a plan to actually make it happen. Want to become a painter? Practice painting without opposable thumbs! Want to become a writer? Better start barking that story out loud! Want to become a famous actor? Sign up for TikTok and start getting comfortable rolling over on screen! You can accomplish anything as long as you put your canine mind to it, Sagittarius.

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Capricorn Dog (December 22 - January 19)

Is your cold Capricorn heart melting in the heat of… love? There are plenty of reasons for you to be walking on hind-legs with excitement and, this week, love is one of them. Is that golden retriever sending you paw-etry? I know you’ve had a crush on them for quite some time now, but this isn’t just any old crush anymore, Capricorn. It’s become full-blown puppy love! I know love is scary, but there’s no reason for your tail to be in-between your legs. Love is worth the risk, after all! Let down your guard and waltz into love’s arms, unleashed. You deserve to be loved, Capricorn. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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Aquarius Dog (January 20 - February 18)

Since you’re spending so much time at home, Aquarius, you might as well make your home a place you want to hang out in. I mean, look at this mess! Your toys are lying in a disorganized heap on the floor! Why not spend this week putting everything away so you feel less claustrophobic? I know you’d much rather be playing fetch at the local park, but with a clean house, you can play fetch right in your living room! You’re also not doing much to make your meals more interesting, Aquarius. Why not spice things up? That can of turkey paté will look a lot more appetizing with some kibble sprinkled onto it for some zest. It’s time to put the “sweet” in “home sweet home”!

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Pisces Dog (February 19 - March 20)

Your brain is buzzing with energy this week, Pisces. I know they say dogs are pretty damn smart for an animal, but you’re taking dog-telligence to a whole new level. Why not spend your free time during lockdown learning something new, Pisces? You could learn all about who the first dog in history was. You could memorize all the different breeds of dogs from all around the world. You could practice saying “dog” in every language known to man (and dog)! By the time this lockdown is over, you’ll be the smartest dog in town. I mean, what else are you going to do with your time? Chew on your butt?

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