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Capricorn Dog Personality: What Being A Capricorn Says About Your Dog

Capricorn dogs are tenacious, wise... and always expecting the worst. Find out more about the Capricorn dog zodiac sign here.

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated December 06, 2022 • Published February 18, 2020

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Capricorn Dog Personality: What Being A Capricorn Says About Your Dog

So your dog is a Capricorn, represented by the mythical sea goat — half goat, half fish. Which, as a dog, can be quite confusing. But the idea here is that Capricorn dogs have a two-fold nature and are extremely complex personalities. Always upwardly mobile, like their goat friends, Capricorn dogs have calm personalities that can verge on cold demeanors.

Despite being real sticklers, Capricorn dogs have warm hearts and truly appreciate it when others go above and beyond in any situation, like they consistently do. Ruled by Saturn, many Capricorns enjoy struggles and challenges, fully aware that these are formative experiences and pressure makes diamonds. That's why Capricorn dogs are often glittery displays of success!

Capricorn Dog Traits

  • Capricorn Dates: December 22 to January 19

  • Symbol: The Sea Goat

  • Element: Earth

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn Dog Strengths

  • Tenacious

  • Patient

  • Wise

  • Responsible

  • Controlled

At their best, Capricorn dogs are patient and persevering. They get things done because they hold themselves accountable to meet ridiculous goals, like digging a backyard hole big enough to keep a buried treasure in one day. Capricorn dogs understand life is a process and they are willing to be painstakingly practical to ensure that each day is as productive as possible. They are measured thinkers who consider the whole picture along with the tiny details, knowing the right time to share responsibilities so every project is managed as efficiently as possible.

Capricorn Dog Weaknesses

  • Lonely

  • Needs recognition

  • Has trouble forgiving

  • Always expects the worst

  • Can be a know-it-all

At their worst, Capricorn dogs can be pessimistic and uncompromising, stuck in a hole of would-be productivity that straight up feels like a routine they can't escape. They have a strong propensity to believe they're chronically correct about things and can come across as condescending, especially to people and pups who have a different way of doing things. It's hard for Capricorn dogs to break from their usual way of going about life. They are hard workers but crave validation and without it can feel stranded and lost in their field. Capricorn dogs can leave solitary lives and feel that loneliness keenly as they lack some of the other signs' ease with conversation and strangers.

Capricorn Dog Likes

  • Quality

  • Family

  • Tradition

  • Self-improvement

  • Practical thinking

Capricorn dogs like when everything and everyone lives up to a certain standard of quality. They like well-made things and value traditional systems that have been tested and have stayed standing. Capricorn dogs are always working on themselves and enjoy edifying exercises that allow them to stretch their mental muscles. As earth signs, they enjoy feeling grounded and using practical solutions to surmount obstacles. Capricorn dogs treasure their family and the time spent with them, relishing in a routine that consistently yields love and happiness.

Capricorn Dog Dislikes

  • Laziness

  • Anger

  • Gossip

  • Public displays... of anything

  • Almost everything at some point of another

Capricorn dogs have a tendency to dislike things, and to enjoy disliking those things. At some point in life, nearly anything and everything will make it on to a Capricorn's list of dislikes. Capricorn dogs have a few constants, however, that remain firmly on that list. They do not have time for laziness or a lack of desire to better oneself. Capricorn dogs are constantly growing and seek people and pups who are on a similar trajectory. They dislike people who wear their emotions on their dog sleeves and believe much of private life matters should stay private. They dislike public displays of affection, anger, etc. A Capricorn dog may not pummel you in excitement in a crowded street, but will absolutely show you loving and dedicated attention in the comfort of your home.

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