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Sagittarius Dog Personality: What Being A Sagittarius Says About Your Dog

Sagittarius dogs are optimistic, affable... and a little bit arrogant. Find out more about the Sagittarius dog zodiac sign here.

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated December 06, 2022 • Published February 18, 2020

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Sagittarius Dog Personality: What Being A Sagittarius Says About Your Dog

So your dog is a Sagittarius, and maybe you've caught them staring at themselves in the mirror enough times to already know. These adventurous fire signs burn with the desire to do everything and make the most out of this short life. Sagittarius dogs are restless, inquisitive, and always looking to engage with the new — whether that be a new place, a new food, or a new friend.

Sagittarius dogs love to travel and take a healthy amount of time before they form their own opinions on things. They are intelligent, but spontaneous and don't do well in rigid environments with strict learning structures. They believe life is a search for truth and they are ready to spend all of it searching for whatever that means to them.

Sagittarius Dog Traits

  • Sagittarius Dates: November 22 to December 21

  • Symbol: The Archer

  • Element: Fire

  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Sagittarius Dog Strengths

  • Optimistic

  • Outspoken

  • Independent

  • Humorous

  • Affable

At their best, Sagittarius dogs are wonderful, friendly souls who aspire and succeed at being the life of the party. They can make anyone laugh and they are never afraid of expressing their opinions even if no one agrees with them. They look at the dog bowl as being half full and rely on no one to be on the other side of the leash. They are fiercely independent and enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Sagittarius dogs make easy, fast friends and they're not afraid to put all of themselves on show, believing that what you see is what you get and there's no point in beating around the bush. Sagittarius dogs don't lose sleep at night wondering if you like them.

Sagittarius Dog Weaknesses

  • Arrogant

  • Irresponsible

  • Uncivilized

  • Impatient

  • Restless

At their worst, Sagittarius dogs can be disorganized and unreliable, concerning themselves too much with the present moment (and making the most of it) that they often let long-term planning suffer. Sagittarius dogs speak their minds as a rule and can often lack tact as well as the awareness of how their words (or howls) may affect others. They are restless and impatient, meaning they often act before they should and deal with the consequences later. Sometimes Sagittarius dogs don't deal with the consequences at all, which can make them difficult friends when they don't take responsibility. You can shame a pup for going through the trash, but it only works if they feel guilt about it in the first place!

Sagittarius Dog Likes

  • Adventure

  • Freedom

  • Entertaining

  • Risks

  • Big picture thinking

Sagittarius dogs have the spirit of adventure deep in their bones and love exploring the big, wide outdoors. They enjoy being off leash, able to distribute their time however they please. Sagittarius dogs are consummate entertainers who like to provide wit and charm at many occasions. Their fun-loving personalities can often mean they act as the clown. They enjoy meeting people and pups from all walks of life and delighting in their similarities as well as their differences. A Sagittarius dog can turn a stranger into a friend in the blink of an eye. They like taking the lead when it means they can control the direction of the project without being bogged down with the menial details.

Sagittarius Dog Dislikes

  • Clingyness

  • Sitting still

  • Insults

  • Responsibility

  • Pushiness

Sagittarius dogs treasure their independence above all else and dislike codependent characters who rely on them in any (and every) capacity. They don't like to babysit and prefer being free agents who can come and go as they please. Naturally restless, Sagittarius dogs have trouble sitting still or staying in one place and hate responsibilities or actual rope, both of which tether them to a place. They believe learning is an active process and don't like being forced to take a position or make a choice before they feel they've had enough time. Sagittarius dogs don't like being insulted and can be quite sensitive to slights to their character, especially as they are generally so well-loved.

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