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Virgo Dog Personality: What Being A Virgo Says About Your Dog

Virgo dogs are intelligent, responsible... and very hard on themselves. Find out more about the Virgo dog zodiac sign here.

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated December 06, 2022 • Published February 18, 2020

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Virgo Dog Personality: What Being A Virgo Says About Your Dog

So your dog is a Virgo, meaning they're the most practical and logical of all signs. Virgo dogs are analytical by nature and constantly seek paw-fection in every pursuit. They're not impulsive, but methodical decision-makers who weigh pros and cons before taking action.

Virgo dogs like to know as much as possible and are great listeners and even better advice givers. What does that look like for a dog? Well, they lead by example! Virgo dogs are reliable and can always be counted on, which is a fantastic trait in a dog. That's why some of the most famous doggie heroes are Virgos, it just goes with the birthday.

Virgo Dog Traits

  • Virgo Dates: August 23 to September 22

  • Symbol: The Virgin

  • Element: Earth

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo Dog Strengths

  • Intelligent

  • Responsible

  • Analytical

  • Kind

  • Private

At their best, Virgo dogs are beacons of brilliance who are sure in themselves. They're the practical friends who aren't caught up in abstract ideas who can always offer the most realistic perspective on anything. Virgo dogs have a wonderful BS detector and will bark loudly when they encounter people or other pets they don't trust. Despite being analytical, Virgo dogs are not detached like their air sign friends; they're incredibly kind and understand the mechanisms behind emotions, which makes them empathetic. They don't have a million friends, just a few solid pals they can trust (and who trust them) implicitly.

Virgo Dog Weaknesses

  • Hard on themselves

  • Shy

  • All work, no play

  • Critical

  • Anxious

At their worst, Virgo dogs are highly critical of not only themselves, but of others. They expect the most from everyone and probably end up disappointed more often than not. Virgo dogs are workaholics and can be judgmental about others that don't match their work effort. But, of course, constantly seeking perfection takes its toll and can make these Virgo pups anxious. It can take a while for a Virgo dog to break out of their shell, but when they feel safe enough to shine their personality through, it's like meeting a whole different dog. They don't often let their hair down, but when they do, you'll be vacuuming up fur for the whole week.

Virgo Dog Likes

  • Nature

  • Cleanliness

  • Organization

  • Other animals

  • Learning

Virgo dogs have an organized way of thinking and they want their world to reflect that. They're tidy and don't do well in mess (even if they accidentally caused it). Virgo dogs have a strong connection to nature and find peace when getting lost in it. They can be naturally shy and prefer some one-on-one time with their humans over attending big doggie birthday parties. Virgo dogs love learning and, no matter how old they are, can certainly be taught new tricks. They treat every experience like an opportunity and can soak up knowledge easily.

Virgo Dog Dislikes

  • Rudeness

  • Asking for help

  • Being the center of attention

  • Half-assers

  • Being forced to lead

Virgo dogs have a certain level of pride, especially when it comes to asking for help. They love being able to figure things out for themselves, so leave them alone with an interactive dog puzzle toy for a few hours and they'd be in their element, but remove the treats from them and fear their wrath. Virgo dogs never like being center stage and if they do lead, they prefer to do it from the sidelines. It's never a good idea to thrust a Virgo dog into a situation they haven't thought about or researched meticulously. Virgo dogs are planners, so maybe hold back on the spontaneity until they get their sea legs.

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