25 Cute & Funny Dog Halloween Costumes For 2024

Looking for a cute and funny Halloween costume for your dog? Check out the funniest dog Halloween costumes of 2024 and dress up your pup.

Aly Walansky

Updated March 05, 2024 • Published October 06, 2020

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25 Cute & Funny Dog Halloween Costumes For 2024

Halloween is around the corner and it’s time to get yourself costume ready! But Halloween season isn’t just for humans — and, let’s face it, dressing up your dog is just a lot more fun. Whether you want to coordinate Halloween costumes with your dog or have your own unique looks (and a few costume changes), these cute and funny dog Halloween costume options and ideas will inspire you.

Whether you are going to a small get-together or just want to watch your pet be cute at home while you eat Reese’s peanut butter cups (my plan, personally), we put together the funniest Halloween costumes for dogs of all sizes.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, and consider twinning with your dog, a fun group Halloween costume, or even a costume for your cat. No matter what costume you choose, it’s a sure thing that there’ll be tons of cute photos for social media after this holiday!

Funny Halloween costume ideas for dogs

dog prisoner halloween costume

Frisco Prisoner Dog Costume$15-$17

Sizes: XS-XXL
Dog Costume Features: Your dog will be ready for an appearance in an Elvis “Jailrock Rock” video reenactment with this adorable prisoner-themed pet costume. Featuring a classic striped shirt with a K9INM8 graphic and a matching hat, your pup will even be photo-ready thanks to the perfect accessory — a dry-erase board that says “Guilty as Charged: Disorderly Conduct.” How cute!

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dog werewolf halloween costume

Frisco Front Walking Werewolf Dog Costume$16-$18

Sizes: S-XL
Dog Costume Features: Let the pup summon his inner wolf with this precious werewolf costume. This three-piece Halloween costume for dogs comes with a plaid shirt and ripped-pattern pants, as well as fluffy werewolf-style hands complete with felt claws, a furry hat with a fuzzy fastener neck strap, and holes for their little ears. So precious, and they’ll play the part so well in photos!

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dog pirate halloween costume

Spooktacular Creations Store Halloween Pirate Dog Costume$20

Sizes: M-L
Dog Costume Features: Is this pirate costume adorable? Aye aye! The pirate costume set includes everything your pup needs to be born again as a pirate, including pirate clothes, a pirate hat, and even a fun hook hand. Thanks to the velcro closure, it’s also easy to remove and adjust, ideal as a puppy gets a little bigger before next season.

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