14 Pet Hair-Proof Pants And Leggings For Cat & Dog Owners

You love your pet, but you don't love that you're covered in their hair. Cuddle your cat or dog whenever with these pet hair-resistant pants and leggings.

Aly Walansky

Updated January 10, 2023 • Published May 21, 2020

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14 Pet Hair-Proof Pants And Leggings For Cat & Dog Owners

Anyone with a fur family knows that pet hair seems to love to attach itself to fabric, be it our couches and rugs or the clothes we plan to wear minutes before an important meeting.

In the era of Zoom web meetings, where we are all working from home (with our pets), and trying to look professional at the same time, pet hair on our clothes is more of an issue than ever. And as much as we brush our pets out daily, that hair shedding is still going to happen. Cat and dog owners alike can agree on how frustrating and difficult removing pet hair can be. But is it even possible to not get pet hair all over your clothing?

“Especially during the shedding season, you often find yourself looking like a Yeti right when an important meeting is about to start, or your guests pull into the driveway,” says Matt Clayton, founder and chief editor at PetHairPatrol.com, a website devoted to helping pet owners keep their homes clean.

Just when you want to look your best, your clothes are covered in hair and fluff. “Many pet owners carry lint rollers wherever they go, but pet hair-resistant clothing is also helpful,” says Clayton. With clothes that don't attract pet hair, the hair will slide right off without latching on like there is no tomorrow. Here is what to consider when looking for hair-resistant clothing.

How To Find Pet Hair-Resistant Fabrics And Clothing

1. Avoid Static Cling

“Find materials that don't produce static electricity,” says Clayton. Static makes pet hair cling onto the fabric. Often synthetic fabrics create more static than natural ones.

2. Look For Tightly Woven Fabric

“The second thing to consider is how tightly woven the fabric is,” says Clayton. Especially needle-like pet hair will embed itself in loosely woven fabrics. Tightly woven fabrics are, therefore, more pet hair-resistant.

3. Choose Smooth & Slippery Material

Find materials that are smooth, silky, and slippery. “Velvet will definitely catch more hair than spandex, which is also easier to clean up if there is pet hair caught on the fabric,” adds Clayton.

How do these three factors add up? “Jeans can be an excellent choice for pet hair-resistant pants because they are made of natural fabrics, and the material is tightly woven,” Clayton continues, “On the other hand, a silky synthetic material that does not produce too much static can be a good choice because the hair slides right off."

Pet Hair-Resistant Pants & Leggings


1. Everlane The Perform Leggings$58

These leggings are great for workouts because of their extra-high waist; they even have an inside pocket to stash your ID (and we're pro anything with pockets), but they are also fabulous for their lightweight compression and sweat-wicking properties. Made of 58% recycled nylon, the pet hair will never stick!

Sizes: XXS-XXL
Length: Ankle/Regular
Colors: Black, green, gray, rose

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endeavor athletic

4. Endeavor Athletic Eclipse Leggings$50

They are a simple combination of polyester and spandex, but aside from being comfortable, they are also amazing at repelling dog hair. “Practically nothing will stick to them, and they mold to your body for the perfect fit. You can go the whole day wearing these and you won’t end up covered in fluff and in need of a lint roller. An absolute lifesaver for dog owners everywhere,” says Jeff Carbridge, Dog Trainer/Expert at DogOwner.co.uk.

Sizes: XS-L
Colors: Gray

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5. Lululemon Wunder Under High-Rise Tight Full-On Luxtreme$98

The Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking with a smooth, cool feel that is stretchable but maintains shape. This will feel good and look good with great coverage. It's a true high rise and plus it has a pocket! There are plenty of amazing colors and all will repel that pesky fur!

Sizes: 0-14
Length: 25", 28", 31"
Colors: Green, navy, red, black camo, green camo, white, light gray, dark gray, black

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8. Patagonia Centered Tights $59-$79

These pants are a great fit, but also super stretchy, with polyester/spandex knit fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly (perfect for those workouts that segue into days out!). Its wide waistband has a hidden elastic that is perfect for holding everything in place - also, very appreciated. With a pocket, these pet hair-resistant leggings are cute and functional.

Sizes: XS-XL
Length: Ankle
Colors: Black, dark gray, red, blue, violet, blue

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