The 18 Best Collars & Harnesses For Your Dog

Searching for the best collars and harnesses for your dog to make for a safer, more secure walking experience? Well, look no further!

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated November 06, 2022 • Published March 12, 2021

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The 18 Best Collars & Harnesses For Your Dog

Hi there! Do you want to go for a... walk?! A WALK?! OK so maybe this question doesn't make you as unequivocally happy as it does your dog — but aren't you happy when your dog is happy? Walking your dog is the ultimate bonding activity and making sure they have the best collar or harness will make sure it's a smooth ride.

But what makes a good collar or harness? Which type of collar or harness is safest for your dog, and which should you get? It can be hard to discern the best products for you and your pup, which is why we decided to help by putting together the best collars and harnesses for your dog.

Dog Collar vs. Harness: Which Is Best For Your Dog?

Every dog should have a collar. While some dogs may do better in harnesses for walking, a collar is still important for a dog to have. It's the easiest place to display your dog's identification tags in cases where your dog is lost or stolen. (You can also get your dog microchipped!) If your dog is well-behaved on the leash and doesn't pull at it, you may be able to use your leash with your collar. But beware, as dogs pulling at their collars can cause stress to their necks and joints, which can result in pain and injury.

A dog harness will help prevent any neck or joint strain that a collar may cause on the leash. Dog harnesses provide a little more control and security and make it so your dog is discouraged from pulling on their leash too much. If your dog is prone to sliding out of their collar, a harness is a great way of keeping them in place.

The Best Collars & Harnesses For Dogs

The Best Collars For Dogs

Best Dog Harnesses

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