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13 Best Dog Crates & Carriers For Airline Travel

Traveling with your dog, especially on an airplane, can be a little bit stressful. If you’re obsessed with your pet’s comfort and safety like us, make sure you check out these pet carriers. Don’t forget to check with your airline as to their specific pet requirements, as they differ and often require paperwork and/or advanced notice. Here are some of our favorite dog crates and carriers whether you plan to travel by air, land, or sea.

Traveling with your pet can be stressful, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be a breeze. Don't forget to double check with the airline to make sure you are following their dog-flying policies. Here are some of our favorite airlines, though Covid-19 can affect airline policies. You can also check out our favorite cat travel carriers here. Wherever you're going, we wish you safe travels and a relaxed pet!

Best Dog Air Travel Carriers

Wild One Travel Carrier$125

Sizes: Up to 16lbs
Dog Carrier Features: This airline compliant carrier is breathable and folds out into a comfortable bed. It also has convenient strap configurations for carrying over your shoulder, in your hands, or over your suitcase.

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Wild One Commuter Carrier$125

Sizes: Up to 25lbs
Dog Carrier Features: A famously stylish brand, Wild Ones has created this carrier to be minimalistic and chic. More reminiscent of a dog purse, this carrier allows for your dog to poke their head out. In addition, it comes in three colors!

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Sherpa Travel Wipe Clean Technology Airline Approved White and Gray Pet Carrier$60

Sizes: For small dogs
Dog Carrier Features: Fear not — this stylish white carrier is wipe clean! This carrier is great for small dogs who get chilly easily, as the lining is Sherpa.

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Arlo Skye The Pet Carrier$250

Sizes: Up to 25lbs
Dog Carrier Features: If you and your dog like to travel in luxury, you need this carrier. It is foldable when not in use, and when it is in use, it has 360 degree ventilation, a memory foam mattress, and easily attaches to your suitcase. It can fit under many airline seats and is approved for United, American Airlines, and Delta.

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Animaze Standard Kennel for Dogs or Cats$90

Sizes: XXS-L
Dog Carrier Features: If your dog is large, you may need a kennel or crate. This kennel has 360 degree ventilation in addition to a strong latch. In addition, you can disassemble it for convenient cleaning.

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You & Me Stow & Go Portable Canvas Dog Crate$115

Sizes: S-L
Dog Carrier Features: For larger dogs, a pop-up travel crate can be an excellent option. This crate folds easily and has a lightweight metal frame to make traveling a breeze.

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K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Pet Carrier$62

Sizes: S-L
Dog Carrier Features: This carrier is optimal for road trips and ______. You wouldn’t go without a seatbelt, so why should your pup? Whether you want to secure your dog to keep them out of your way, or to keep them safe in the event of an accident, or both, this is the carrier for you.

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FurryFido Classic Reversible Dog & Cat Carrier Sling$23

Sizes: Up to 13lbs
Dog Carrier Features: This hands-free sling is perfect for your small dog when you’re on the go. This carrier comes in four colors, each of which are reversible to better coordinate with your travel fit.

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K9 Sport Sack Air 2 Forward Facing Dog Carrier Backpack$75

Sizes: XS-L
Dog Carrier Features: If backpacks are more your style, this is the dog travel carrier for you. It is designed with your pup’s comfort in mind and let’s be honest, that’s the most important thing.

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Pet Gear I-GO 2 Sage Escort$57

Sizes: S - Up to 15 lbs.
Dog Carrier Features: This sage green backpack is convertible — it can also be used as a roller carrier! That's why it's ready to carry your pup in any fashion that's convenient for you.

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Paws & Pals Dog & Cat Carrier Bag$25

Sizes: S/M & M/L
Dog Carrier Features: This airline-approved carrier comes in 2 unique and stylish colors: green and lavender. This dog travel carrier has a removable fleece liner for your pet’s comfort and easy washing.

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K9 Sport Sack Air Forward Facing Backpack Black Dog Carrier$75

Sizes: S-L
Dog Carrier Features: If you’re more granola, this is the pack for you. Unlike many other backpack dog travel carriers, this pack is good up to 30lbs. K9 consulted veterinarians while manufacturing this lightweight, breathable pack, so you can trust that your pooch will be safe and comfy whether you’re hiking or running to catch your flight.

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