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Your Dog's Weekly Horoscope 2020: January 6-12

Your dog's weekly horoscope 2020. What your dog's zodiac sign says about their week and how they'll react. Will 2020 be a good year? Find out here.

Roya Backlund

Updated November 11, 2022 • Published January 06, 2020

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Your Dog's Weekly Horoscope 2020: January 6-12

A new decade has just begun and your dog is feeling inspired to put their plans into motion. They’re digging extra holes in the backyard, running fast after the frisbee, and greeting you at the front door with more enthusiasm than ever before. The year 2020 means serious doggie business — and it's off to a major start with a lunar eclipse encouraging your dog to make a change. Will they finally be housebroken? Will they actually learn that shoes are not chew toys? A dog owner can only hope, but don’t be disappointed if your canine isn’t quite there yet. The year just started and there’s still plenty of room for improvement!

No matter how well you think you know your dog, they can still surprise you. Luckily, astrology can help you understand what’s going through your dog’s mind as they navigate the trials and tribulations of doghood. Speaking of astrology, here’s last week’s dog horoscope in case you missed it. Keep a close eye on your dog, because the week of January 6 to 12 is an intense one (even for a human):

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Canva - Dog Dressed as Businessmen Eating from Bowl Labelled the Boss

Who’s the head honcho around here? You are, Aries. The pack needs a leader and that leader is you. However, being in charge does come with a few caveats for a canine. If you start drooling over the power and lusting over it like a fresh rotisserie chicken you’d be in big trouble for eating, you might just find that your pack can turn on you. There's a fine line between offering friendly advice and bossing your friends around. Be careful or you could find yourself trapped in the dog house and you’re way too big of a personality for that. Use your power for good and you’ll never look back, Aries. No one wants to be a lone wolf, least of all you.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Canva - Dog with leash

Are you experiencing a loss of faith, Taurus? Not everything is as it seems. Did you stick your nose in the jar of catnip only to realize that it does nothing for you? Did your owner mention the word “walk” in your presence, only to follow it up with no walk whatsoever? You may be getting your hopes up this week, only to realize that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. But here’s the thing about faith: You keep your snout up no matter what. Having faith means believing that life is good, even when it refuses to throw you a bone. Enjoy the little things, like that bacon strip your human always shares with you at breakfast.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Canva - cute little naughty fricolor Jack Russell Terrier dog is standing on his hind legs - hair style smooth

You’re standing on your hind legs and jumping up at any sign of affection, Gemini. You just want a little love and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you’re licking the right friend. For example, don’t waste any good rubs on your human’s visitor who’s "allergic" to dogs and sneezing all over your attempts at intimacy. You’ll only get your feelings hurt. Instead, spend time with those you know for a fact love you no matter what. Even if you have to set aside your pride and demand some attention by whimpering and tilting your head, so be it. You are an adorable dog and the world should hear you roar!

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Canva - Smart Dog

Did you know that even dogs can experience an existential crisis, Cancer? This week, you’re living proof of that. You might even catch yourself wondering things like, “Do I even want to catch that ball?” or “Why does my human’s steak taste so much better than my kibble?” Keep digging deeper. You’re understanding the type of dog you’re meant to become. Because what is the meaning of doghood, really? Is it the joy of tearing up your human’s favorite pillow? Is it the excitement of learning a new trick? All puppies must grow up eventually and, sometimes, it means answering these tough questions.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Canva - The dog of the smile and flowers

You might be getting a little hung up on silly things this week, Leo. Seriously, you’re stopping to smell literally everything during your walk and your human is getting frustrated. You’re getting into an endless barking match with the dog walking across the street and it’s a ridiculous display of dominance. You’re chasing around that bird there’s no way you’ll catch because — and I hate to break it to you — you don’t have wings and you can’t fly. And you haven’t even pooped yet! Instead of letting so many things cause you anxiety, try to focus on the bigger picture. You’re a dog with big plans, not a dog who can’t let it go.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Canva - Puppy Playing with Brush

Remember how exciting life was when you were a puppy, Virgo? A walk down the street felt like a journey to a distant land. A game of fetch felt like a roller coaster ride. Getting your belly rubbed felt like falling in love for the first time. Just because you may not be a tiny little puppy anymore doesn’t mean you can’t experience that same joy all over again. Get in touch with your inner-puppy once more and set aside the anxiety of being a fully grown dog. Don’t waste your precious dog years getting in the way of your own happiness. You don’t have to be on your best behavior all the time!

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Canva - Smart dog Afghan hound with ideal data stands in the autumn forest and looks into the camera. A long bang closes her one eye. Picturesque portrait of a dog.

All eyes are on you this week, Libra, and you’re a dog on people’s minds. Your human’s group chat conversation is all about that adorable video of you talking in your sleep. Other dogs are scrambling to smell your butt at the dog park. Your vet even has a photo of you hanging on their bulletin board! You’ve been working hard to be the best dog you can be and all that hard work is finally paying off. It’s not easy being a perfect combination of funny, well-behaved, and affectionate, but that’s why you’re the zodiac sign of balance. Just don’t crumble under the pressure! Let your strengths reveal themselves naturally. This is your week, Libra, maybe even your year!

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Canva - Bernard mountain dog lying next to chewed shoe

Did you bark too much, Scorpio? Maybe you accidentally admitted that you saw the movie "Cats" and didn’t hate it. Maybe you told your human that it was, in fact, you who attacked the closet just when they were starting to forget about their half-eaten shoe. Don’t curl up into a ball of doggie despair over your big jaws that can’t seem to keep a secret. Instead, learn from your mistakes so that you remember when to keep quiet and when to speak up. And no, there’s still no reason you need to bark when another dog walks by the house. Bark when there’s an intruder! Not when the neighbor’s lab gets a bit too close to the fence.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Canva - Shih tzu dog grooming

I know you hate going to the groomer, Sagittarius. You’re a wild, frisky, and free-spirited dog who refuses to sit still for a haircut! The only problem? You love looking stylish. If you can handle sitting still in the groomer chair for just 30 minutes, you’ll not only impress your human (and probably get a bite of their lunch as a treat), but you’ll also walk out of there strutting your stuff like a dog straight from the fashion magazines. A little patience really goes a long way. Do you want to be a living example of canine couture? Do you want to give poodles at the dog show a run for their money? You can hush your wolf instincts and get dolled up.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Canva - Sad dog waiting alone at home

It’s time to acknowledge how emotionally attached to your human you might be, Capricorn. You can’t fall into a pit of doggie depression every time they leave the house. Seriously, they just went to grab a coffee. They were only gone for 15 minutes. And yet, you convinced yourself they were abandoning you forever, never to return. This is no way to live, Capricorn. Believe it or not, your happiness is not totally dependent on your human. You can find a reason to smile while your human is doing their own thing. I mean, you’ve got a cat to chase around the house and no human to tell you to leave the cat alone. Why not relish that?

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Canva - Bad dog sitting on the torn pieces of documents

You’re attracting so much attention this week, Aquarius. Your human can’t even walk you through the park without having a million people stop to pet you and take Boomerangs of you for their Instagram stories. You’re just that cute. However, all that attention may be going straight to your head. You’re digging through the garbage while knowing you’ll get away with it. You’re aware your human’s idea of punishment is putting you in the bathroom for a solid two minutes before letting you out because they can’t handle disciplining you. You may have a nice thing going, Aquarius, but honestly, how can you live with yourself? Enjoy it while it lasts. If 2020 will teach you anything, it's that karma is a female dog.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Canva - Newborn labrador puppy dog with superhero cape sleeping

You’re not just one dog in the world, Pisces. You’re one dog who can save the world. How do you want to make this world a better place for all canines? If you lend a helping paw and fight for change, you just might see it. Just make sure you set your sights on something practical and meaningful. I know you’re dreaming of a treat dispenser at every street corner and a Disneyland built just for dogs, but let’s be serious. You should probably focus on humanitarian work like helping other dogs at the shelter get adopted or starting a doggie food drive instead. You’re the most empathetic dog you know, but you’re also a dreamer. Make your dreams a reality!

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