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Marquette Animal Hospital

4227 W 63rd St Chicago, IL 60629

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MedVet Cancer and Rehabilitation Center

3305 N California Ave Chicago, IL 60618

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Kriser's Natural Pet

3649 North Western Ave Chicago, IL 60618

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Premier Veterinary Group - Chicago

3927 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60618

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The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center

4130 N Rockwell St Chicago, IL 60618

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago is home to a wide variety of vet clinics, offering everything from standard veterinary care to emergency vet services.
To book an appointment in Chicago, depending on the clinic, you might be able to book online or call the clinic’s phone number. You can also book an online vet telehealth appointment and speak to a vet in minutes with Pawp. We offer triage services and referrals to clinics near Chicago.
Yes, pet parents can get online vet care in Chicago within minutes with Pawp. Pawp members get unlimited text & video calls with licensed vets—anytime, anywhere—as well as access to discounted prescription and OTC medications. In supported states, members can also get prescriptions for certain conditions at the Pawp Pharmacy.

Pricing for veterinary services in Chicago, IL

Pricing for veterinary services can vary based on your location and the individual clinic you choose. Below are are the estimated prices for veterinary services in Chicago, IL.

ServicesPrice estimates
Vaccines per shot$15-$25
Allergy testing$200-$250
Dental cleaning$90-$250
Fecal exam$25-$35
Geriatric screening$85-$100
Heartworm test$45-$50
Physical exam$45-$50
Routine check-ups$65-$150

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