Pawp Pledges $160,000 To Support Animal Rescues

Pawp is donating $160,000 to animal shelters this year, $10,000 for each time “The Power of the Dog” was verbally mentioned during the 2022 Oscars ceremony.

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated December 15, 2022 • Published March 28, 2022

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Pawp Pledges $160,000 To Support Animal Rescues

At Pawp, we believe pets are part of the family. 

Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter shelters in the US each year.

This year, we noticed that the most nominated film at the Oscars was “The Power of the Dog.” So Pawp decided to truly give power to the dogs by pledging to donate $10,000 to animal shelters each time “The Power of the Dog” was verbally mentioned during the Oscars ceremony.

Pawp was taken aback by the amount of outreach and support we received from so many pet organizations, excited about the prospect. We were thrilled to see that Pawp was covered by People and Variety, and live on the red carpet at the Oscars on ABC, as we know that the more eyes we can get on the pledge, the more pets we can help.

Last night, there were 16 mentions, which means Pawp will donate $160,000 to pets in need this year. Our fund will provide cash and much needed services to support rescue organizations so they can help as many pets as possible find their forever homes.  

This initiative isn’t just a one-off, Pawp pledges to help shelters throughout the year (as well as many more). If you work for or represent a shelter, we want to help. You can reach us at: [email protected]. Help us with our pledge to give our pets the lives (and love) they deserve.

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