9 *Perfect* Gifts Under $50 For Your *Perfect* Dog This Holiday Season

It’s not always easy to pick out the perfect gift for the pup in your life. If you’re anything like me, your pet is THE most important name on your holiday shopping list. But that pressure alone can mean figuring out the right gift can be a paralyzing decision full of fear. How can I let my dog know how special they are to me? How can I prove my love?

Showing affection isn’t meant to be monetary (well, at least entirely), but spoiling your dog is also a natural impulse. Of course, you shouldn’t do it every day, but when can you if not during the holiday season?

If this price point is a little high for you, check out gifts for your dog under $25 here. If you’d spend just about anything on your pup, however, continue here for nine gifts under $50. You won’t be disappointed — and neither will your dog.

Found My Animal - Cotton Collar

product olive-cotton-canvas-cat-dog-collar-medium qhgxws

Shop Now: $48

This olive collar is individually numbered and stamped, making each one as unique as the pups we love. Prove to your pup that there’s no one like them in the world with this 100% cotton, handcrafted wax collar. It’s as durable as your love for your pet!

ViviPet - Big Head Water Bowl

product purple-big-head-water-bowl-14061 swgsom

Shop Now: $34.99

It may be shaped like a cat, but this big head water bowl is perfect for your dog. Handcrafted with a modern touch, this ergonomically designed bowl helps reduce the mess your dog makes and is elevated for maximum comfort while eating. It’s a great gift for the both of you!

Found My Animal - Kalif Collapsible Bowl


Shop Now: $36

This canvas collapsible bowl is perfect for the dog who’s always on the go. It can be used for either food or water and easily clips onto your leash for style and convenience. You can also match it to your jeans! Everyone wins!

Max-Bone - Sports Leash


Shop Now: $45

If your dog is very active, meaning they like to move quickly and ask questions later, this leash is ideal. With durable nylon webbing and reflective accents, this sports leash will last through all the adventures this year (and many more) will bring.

ViviPet - Pawsome D Bowl

product pawsome-d-pink-bowl-14052 n1amrk

Shop Now: $26.99

This holiday season, give the gift of stress-free eating. This ergonomic food bowl is designed to keep all the food in the center rather than have it spread out. This bowl’s curvature not only makes it easier for your pup to eat, but it also looks totally cool. You can’t beat something functional and cute!

The Rover Boutique - Nylon Rope Leash

product nylon-navy-rope-leash-one-size-13932 f5gntm

Shop Now: $37

When it comes down to it, a leash is one of the most important items in your pet supply arsenal. That’s why you want one that’s built to last. This 6-foot leash is made from nylon rope, is secured with brass equestrian clamps, and is finished with a brass swivel lobster hook. Your dog only deserves the best quality, and this is it.

Max-Bone - Emil Harness

product emil-grey-quilted-harness-medium-14056 lpm8jf

Shop Now: $45

This smart, gray adjustable harness adapts to your dog and their unique needs. Quilted on the outside with a breathable mesh lining, this harness is perfect for long walks and car rides alike. Not to mention it makes your pup look totally adorable, which is always a perk.

The Rover Boutique - Polkadot Fabric Collar

product hilton-head-handmade-hot-pink-fabric-collar-medium un4vry

Shop Now: $28

When it comes to doggy fashion, your pup should have a few different collars for a few different occasions to choose from. This hot pink polkadot number, made from a heavyweight webbing, can be dressed up or down. Never feel underdressed at an event again!

Max-Bone - Frederick Leather & Cotton Collar

product frederick-two-tone-leather-cotton-collar-large mvyacg

Shop Now: $45

This trendy gray and burgundy collar is yet another for your dog’s stylish closet. Made with sturdy bamboo cotton and finished with leather tabs, this collar is both durable and stylish. Not to mention, your dog will love it (and that’s the whole point!).

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