13 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For The Cat (Or The Cat Lady) In Your Life

Last-minute holiday shopping can be stressful, but this list of cat gifts makes it a lot easier. These last-minute Christmas and Hanukkah presents are perfect for the cat lovers in your life.

Kaitlyn Cawley

Updated December 02, 2022 • Published December 11, 2019

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13 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas For The Cat (Or The Cat Lady) In Your Life

I have a cat named Paul and he is, completely unironically, my best friend (and, according to his cat tarot, my soulmate). When I'm not with Paul, I think about being with Paul. When I am actually with Paul, I think about what I can do to make him love me even more. Namely: What I can buy him so he never, ever leaves.

Cat lovers know and cherish the mercurial nature of their furry friends. One second, Paul can be nestled into my neck, purring with the ferocity of a tractor, and the next, he can latch his jaws onto my hand and kick his back legs until I yell, "Mercy!" Cats, am I right? It may not sound healthy, but I know he loves me. Maintaining that truly remarkable relationship, however, requires the normal amount of bribery.

Below, I've put together the perfect cheat sheet into your cat's good graces: treats and toys. These pet supplies will arrive anywhere in the continental United States within two days, making them the perfect last-minute present ideas. Here are 13 gifts for either the cat or the cat lady in your life.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Cats

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