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37 Gift Ideas For The Dog Lover In Your Life This Holiday Season

Shopping for dogs and dog lovers is a special kind of fun. There are dog toys, pet potraits, and custom socks with their dog all over them to buy. Looking for a special holiday gift for the dog lover in your life? You've come to the right place.

Here are 37 gifts for dog lovers so you can be the best gift giver this holiday season. This gift guide includes a range of ideas, including personalized gifts for dog lovers that are sure to be a hit this holiday season. (And, if anyone wants to know what's on my Christmas list... look no further.)

Gifts For Dog Lovers

1. Buttons$18

Kicking off our Christmas list for dog lovers is these fun recordable buttons! If your loved one wishes they could talk to their dog, this is the present for them. This gift for a dog lover will provide hours of training fun and entertainment.

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Personalized Gifts For Dog Lovers

2. Custom Socks$25

Personalized gifts for dog lovers are way better than generic gifts because everybody’s dogs are the goodest boys and girls. A lot of companies that involve personalization take a while to make and ship the products, but the good news about this company is they send out the custom socks for dogs the next day!

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3. Custom Mask$13

If you want something a little more timely than custom dog socks, or if you want to convey the message to your relative to please put on a mask, this is a great gift idea for your dog-loving relative.

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4. West & Willow Custom Pet Portrait Canvas$70

West & Willow's festive pet portrait canvas costs $50. If your loved one treats their pup like royalty, this is a great personalized gift for them. Their turnaround time is quite fast, but be sure to hurry and get it ordered!

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5. Personalized Find Fido Dog Book$25

This customizable Find Fido book is a great quarantine activity for hours of fun. You can select the dog breed and select different colors as well, so you can give a truly special and personalized gift! In addition, Yappy dispatches your order within three days.

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Gift Ideas For Dog & Wine Lovers

6. Corki Wine Stopper$11

This dog-shaped silicone wine stopper is so cute, you won't even hate that it's stopping you from drinking wine. Who knew Fido could also keep your drinks fresh?

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7. Buddy Corkscrew$16

If you’re at all like me, you probably have way too many wine openers. However, that will not stop me from adding this super cute corkscrew to my collection!

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8. True Zoo Playful Yellow Lab Bottle Holder$24

If your friend or family member likes dogs and wine (and has a yellow lab), there is no better gift than these wine bottle holders. Here are all of the cute ones offered (can you tell that I want all of them?).

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9. True Zoo Playful Black Lab Bottle Holder$33

If your friend or family member likes dogs and wine (and has a black lab), there is no better gift than this adorable wine bottle holder.

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10. True Zoo Playful Corgi Bottle Holder$40

If your friend or family member likes dogs and wine (and has a corgi), there is no better gift than this wine bottle holder.

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11. True Zoo Playful Dachshund Bottle Holder$40

If your friend or family member likes dogs and wine (and has a dachshund), there is no better gift than this wine bottle holder.

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12. Drink Wine. Pet Dog. Repeat. Tumbler$35

Wine and dogs are some of the finer things in life. Get your loved one this cute tumbler set for $35. This is the only mantra they will ever need!

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13. Dog & Beer Cozies Set$30

If the dog lover in your life prefers beer to wine, these colorful cozies are a great gift idea. They involve dogs, beer, and even tacos! Be sure to only buy this gift if the recipient has truly excellent taste!

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Gift Ideas For Dog & Coffee Lovers

14. All The Dogs Insulated Miir Tumbler$26

This tumbler has adorable drawings and has high quality insulation, making it perfect for people who love dogs and coffee and are on the go.

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15. PetRageous Designs "Dog Lover" Mug$10

This mug is simple yet says everything. This gift is the perfect addition to any dog lover's mug collection.

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16. Custom Pet Name Coffee Mug$30

Be sure to get this custom mug so your friend or family member has a gift they can use before 5 o’clock! “Drink coffee / Pet __ / Repeat.” This mug is a great gift that can be personalized with their dog’s name. If you get this and the wine tumbler set, they will never have to follow any other instructions!

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17. Kate & Milo "My Kids Have Paws" Mug Set$15

This cute gold-accented mug set features paw prints on one mug and the phrase "My Kids Have Paws" on the other. This is perfect for the crazy dog mom in your life!

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18. Kate & Milo Coolest Dog Mom Mug Set$15

If the person on your list is the Coolest Dog Mom ever, this is the gift for them. One says "Coolest Dog Mom" and the other mug has an adorable dog cartoon with sunglasses.

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Gift Ideas For Dog & Beer Lovers

19. Pearhead Dog Lover’s Beer Glass Set$15

These cute 16-oz beer glasses are a perfect set to gift or split for dog lovers. One reads "In Dog Beers I've Only Had One" and the other says "Bark If You Like Beer."

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20. Lab Bottle Opener$17

This cute lab bottle opener is a stocking stuffer that is sure to bring smiles.

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21. Pearhead Pet Hair of the Dog, Owner Beer Glass And Dog Toy Gift Set$15

Every crazy dog person likes to twin with their pet, so this is the perfect gift for the dog lover who loves beer on your list. This set comes with a "Hair of the Dog" beer glass and a matching beer dog toy.

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Gift Ideas For Dogs (& Their Owners, We Guess)

22. iDogmate Smart Automatic Dog Ball Launcher Toy$199

If your friend or family member's dog interrupts their Zoom calls, this is a perfect gift. This ball launcher has great reviews and is sure to keep their dog entertained and happy for hours.

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23. Kong Box Happy Howlidays$46

This Kong Box comes in two sizes depending on the size of the recipient's dog. The box contains treats, Kong toys (excellent durability for those pups who need indestructible toys), a cute bandana, and more.

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24. Holiday Classics Dog Toy Set$65.30

Sometimes, the best gift for a dog lover is something for their dog. True dog moms and dads are selfless. This holiday plushy set will make your loved one just as happy as it will make their dog!

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25. SodaPup Magnum Can Treat Dispensing Tough Dog Chew Toy$22

This toy is perfect for tough dogs who require truly indestructible toys. And, it dispenses treats!

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26. Jinx Chicken & Mango Treats$14

I may have added these treats to the list because these sound good to me (confirming I'm not a dog)... these dog treats are all natural and formulated for ease of digestion.

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27. 'Muttscato’ Plush Dog Toy$11

If your dog-loving loved one likes wine, this cute Muttscato toy would be the perfect addition to a wine-centric gift for them!

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28. PetShop by Fringe Studio Pizza Slice Canvas Dog Toy$13

Dogs and pizza are two of the finest things in life. Celebrate love for both this holiday season.

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29. Dog & Owner Matching Outfits

Coordinating human-dog outfits: the sign of a true dog lover. If you don’t know what to get your fellow dog lover, but you know they’re obsessed with their dog, chances are they would love to rock a mini-me ensemble. You can also check some of our other favorite matching outfits for you and your dog. #twinning!

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Gift Ideas For Dog & Tech Lovers

30. Wisdom DNA Panel$80

If your fellow dog lover says their dog’s breed is “good boy” and that’s all they know, this is a great gift for them! The Wisdom Panel can identify 250 breeds, predict weight profile, and test for the MDR1 mutation.

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31. Embark Breed & Ancestry Identification, Trait & Health Detection Dog DNA Test Kit $150

This is a more in depth genetic testing kit, which can be fun even if your friend or family knows their pet's breed. This kit can not only identify 350 breeds, but also 190 health markers so your loved one can be one step ahead regarding their pet's health.

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32. Furbo Camera$135

With 1080p footage and night vision, 2-way audio, and treat dispensing capabilities, this Furbo camera is the perfect gift for the dog-obsessed.

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33. Surefeed Microchip Small Dog Feeder$149

Let's face it: most dogs like eating other dog's food when the opportunity presents itself. This microchip feeder will only open for the correct pet. Up to 32 pets can be programmed into this feeder, and if their pet does not have a microchip, the Surefeed Microchip Feeder comes with an RFID tag that can be used as well.

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34. Whistle Go Explore Dog GPS Tracker$104

This GPS tracker is waterproof, has a battery life of 20 days, and comes in hot pink. What more could you want?

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35. PETKIT P2 Smart Activity Monitoring Pet Tracker$55

This is the perfect gift for data nerds or fitness lovers. The recipient can download the iOS or android app and track their pet's exercise and activity progress, ensuring their pooch stays healthy and happy.

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Gift Ideas For Dog & Cooking Lovers

36. Design Imports Dog Apron$19

If your loved one doesn't have enough dog hair in their kitchen already, get them this Design Imports Dog Apron to show off their affinity for their four-legged friends. This cute apron is machine washable as well, which is a huge plus for anything involving dogs or cooking!

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37. Win&Co Baking Mold Set$15

This cookie mold set is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life who enjoys cooking. These cute molds are perfect for making dog treats as well, so everyone can enjoy.

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