17 Cute & Funny Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

There's nothing funnier (or cuter) than a cat wearing a Halloween costume. We put together this year's greatest Halloween costume ideas for cats.

Aly Walansky

Updated December 14, 2022 • Published October 22, 2021

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17 Cute & Funny Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

The last year or so, it’s been hard to get excited about holidays. But now that we’re finally getting a bit more active again, things like planning trick or treating nights out with our kids and pets seem a bit more likely.

Whether we’re going out on an adventure or just taking some cute family photos at home, it’s always a fun idea to dress up our pets for the holiday. Whether this means our cat dressing as an adorable lion or a feisty granny, there’s a perfect costume for them that is sure to make them very popular on social media once those photos get posted! We put together a list of the cutest and funniest Halloween costume ideas for cats — if you can figure out how to make them wear it!

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The best cat Halloween costume ideas of 2022

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