The 15 Best Quality Dog Beds For Big Dogs

Dogs spend 12-14 per day sleeping, so getting a high quality dog bed is important. These are the best orthopedic beds for large and x-large dogs.


Updated November 21, 2022 • Published August 13, 2020

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The 15 Best Quality Dog Beds For Big Dogs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a well-slept dog is a happy dog. This goes for any animal really — humans included — but dogs especially. The average adult dog sleeps anywhere between 12 to 14 hours a day. So when your dog is spending more than half of their day (and life) snoozing, you're going to want a dog bed that makes a difference. The dog bed of their dreams, if you will!

That's why we put together a list of the very best big dog beds for large and extra large dogs. These are high-quality dog beds that have demonstrated their durability, comfort, ease of cleaning, and ability to support your big dog. In choosing the best quality dog beds, we focused on what we considered were the most important elements of a great dog bed:


How tough is the dog bed? How does it hold up against dogs that like to claw or dogs that like to bite? Most dog beds, regardless of price point or quality, will need to be replaced every few years. Some poorly-made options will not last that long. What is the dog bed made of? What are the reviews like? With large dogs in particular, you need to make sure the dog bed can sustain heavy usage from a big animal.

Comfort & Support

You can spend all the time in the world researching the perfect dog bed, but it won't make any difference at all if your dog doesn't sleep in it. The perfect dog bed marries durability with comfort and provides your dog with the support they need. Larger dogs are more prone to hip and joint issues, so making sure the dog bed has proper orthopedic support is important.

Ease Of Cleaning

Dog beds take a lot of abuse. Outside of the regular biting and scratching, there are also drool, pee, poop, and vomit to worry about. Having a dog bed that is easy to clean and manages to maintain its shape after multiple washes is key to making the right choice in dog beds. It also helps when certain dog bed fabric is stain-resistant in the first place.

The Overall Best Dog Beds For Big Dogs

Using the above criteria, we put together a list of the best dog beds for large and extra large dogs of 2020. We chose dog beds across several categories and price points.

The Best Dog Beds For Your Dog's Sleeping Style

Best Bolster Beds For Large Dogs

Cuddler beds are generally either round or rectangular and feature comfy raised walls for your dog to rest their head and also to feel safe. Cuddlers, sometimes referred to as bolster beds, provide good orthopedic support and can help your dog feel less anxious. The truth is, dogs love feeling cozy too!

Best Loungers For Large Dogs

Some dogs don't like to feel confined (especially if they have very long limbs). Lounger beds look like mattresses (some have headrests) and they allow your dog to splay out comfortably. This style is great for multi-pet homes so each of your animals can share.

Best Elevated Beds For Large Dogs

Cot-style beds are the easiest to clean (which can certainly be a priority). They're elevated off the ground, allowing your pet to feel like it's a separate place for them to be, which can be very useful for small apartments or dogs who spend time in crates.

Best Sofas For Large Dogs

Like humans, dogs enjoy a good comfy couch. Sofa dog beds provide the orthopedic support of bolster beds with the open style of loungers. These beds can give your dog the best of both worlds and also look super cute too.

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