What Your Cat Can Teach You About Love

How we show up in relationships matters, and our feline friends can actually teach us a thing or two about that. Here are 27 lessons in love from your cat.

Courtney Elliott

Updated February 01, 2023 • Published February 01, 2023

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What Your Cat Can Teach You About Love

We can learn a lot from our pets—how to live in the present, how to love unconditionally, and how to be stubborn in pursuit of what you want (well, maybe our pets do that a little too much).

Cat parents know some that sometimes our feline friends earn themselves a reputation for being standoffish, but their fiercely independent nature can actually teach us a lot about relationships and how to best show up in them.

So what can your cat teach you about love? True cat people understand the valuable lessons in love that come from our purr-ecious pets, and here's what they said.

What your cat can teach you about love

  • Live in the present meow-ment

  • Always appreciate a nice meal

  • Don’t keep your illness to yourself

  • Always be yourself

  • It’s okay to be shy

  • It’s normal to not like everyone

  • Leave your mark to spice things up

  • It’s okay to disagree

  • Settle arguments quickly

  • Give each other space when you’re not feeling social

  • Your time is valuable, make sure you only spend it with those who you love

  • Frantically try to leave so they will always ask you to stay

  • Land on your feet when things get rough

  • Keep the mystery alive with sudden changes in what you want

  • A soft smack in passing lets people know they’re on your mind

  • Try to be as cute as possible when you sleep

  • Never let anyone body shame you for having a primordial pouch

  • Cuddles are vital for a healthy relationship

  • Needing a warm space isn’t asking too much

  • Speak each other's love languages

  • Love at your own terms—no compromises 

  • Scratching is a form of love

  • It's okay to not always want to be touched

  • Sharing affection randomly and unprompted means the most

  • Treats can make someone's day

  • Remember to keep yourself well groomed

  • Be vocal with your feelings (MEOW!)

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