8 Things You Need To Control (And Enjoy) Your *Very Active * Dog

Growing up, I had what many people would define as a “spirited” dog. Our neighbors may have gone as far as to say possessed, but we’re not here to argue semantics. Whenever we came home — whether it was after a two-week vacation or a 5-minute errand trip to shop — he would barrel the full weight of himself into our arms. And he wasn’t a small dog either.

When we brought him on walks he would sprint ahead as far as his leash would let him and try to pull us along with him. He definitely walked us more than we walked him. Some dogs just seem to have a bit more energy than others — which is absolutely amazing… as well as totally exhausting.

If you have an active dog, you may be familiar with this dynamic. Although we love them, they can sometimes be a little difficult to take care of. These pet supplies dedicated to the active dog will certainly help. Check them out below.

Max-Bone Sports Harness


Shop Now: $55

This harness is perfect for the outdoorsy dog looking for an adventure. With its sturdy nylon webbing and plastic buckle for easy size adjustment, the sports harness is ideal for an animal with a lot of extra energy.

Max-Bone Sports Leash


Shop Now: $45

And what is the perfect harness without its matching leash? This sturdy leash adapts with your dog and features reflective accents for additional security. You won’t be afraid of your dog wandering off while adventuring with this in your hand.

Found My Animal Kalif Collapsible Bowl


Shop Now: $36

For dogs constantly on the go, eating can be tricky. Well, not anymore! With this collapsible bowl that attaches to your dog’s leash, a quick meal can happen anywhere and any time. Made with coated canvas, this bowl can be used for food or water, making it truly versatile (and a total lifesaver)!

Outward Hound Orbee-Tuff Tennis Ball


Shop Now: $10.99

There’s nothing better than a classic game of fetch, but when you have a very active dog, it can quickly get out of hand. With this super durable ball, your pup can finally enjoy the game without breaking anything (if you’re outside, of course). And its super bright coloring makes it easy to find wherever you are.

The Rover Boutique Canvas Waste Bag Holder


Shop Now: $19

It’s rare to find a product that’s both stylish and convenient — especially when that product has to do with poop. This fashionable canvas waste bag holder clips onto either your belt or a leash and will make walking your dog a little easier and a little trendier. Check and check.

Bocce’s Bakery Say Moo Training Bites


Shop Now: $6.50

Training a dog is already difficult, but training a high-energy pup is a whole different ball game. These perfectly sized beef and cheddar training bites are ideal for rewarding your pup when they do the right thing.

ZippyPaws Floaterz Duck Outdoor Squeaky Toy

zippy-paws-floaterz-duck-outdoor-squeaky-toy cmsflp

Shop Now: $9.99

This bright, fun, and especially squeaky toy is amazing for your outdoor doggo who loves the water. Not only does it float, but it’s super easy to find just in case it gets away from you or your pooch. And, you know, it inevitably will.

Kin+Kind Hip & Joint Supplement


Shop Now: $19.99

Being super active can really take its toll on your pup; that’s why this hip and joint supplement is fantastic for your mover and shaker. Made from coconut, turmeric, and black pepper, it provides a natural inflammatory to help prevent achy bones, improve bone health, joint strength, and flexibility.

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