Pawp Prescribes: Get Your Pet's Rx From The First-Ever Online Vet Clinic

The next phase of Pawp's first-ever online clinic for pets is now open. Pawp now offers prescriptions for flea & tick preventatives. Get vet Rx online.

Marc Atiyeh

Updated July 03, 2023 • Published April 04, 2022

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Pawp Prescribes: Get Your Pet's Rx From The First-Ever Online Vet Clinic

Today is an important day for not only Pawp, but for all pets. I’m excited to announce that the first-ever online clinic for pets is now open for digital prescriptions. This milestone is not only making actionable vet care significantly more accessible, but also a lot more affordable — two values that are incredibly important to Pawp’s mission of improving the quality of life for all pets.

When we launched Pawp, we were in the height of the pandemic. With the skyrocketing rate of pet adoptions and many clinics closed, it became next to impossible to book appointments for routine vet care. We knew we needed to create a tech-forward solution to get pets the care and attention they needed. Unfortunately, vet offices are still feeling the ramifications of this today; there are still steep wait times for routine care. That’s why Pawp is putting a 24/7 vet clinic in the palm of your hand.


Our online clinic is now officially prescribing Rx for flea & tick prevention in the following qualified states: New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and Michigan. And as laws around vet care grow and evolve, we will continue to expand that list of available states so that everyone can avail of this necessary service. Vets agree that regular parasite protection is essential to keeping your pet protected, which is and always has been Pawp’s goal. But we have no intention of stopping here.

Pet care is changing — and we know because we’re changing it. You shouldn’t have to wait 3 weeks for a vet appointment; you shouldn’t have to pay a $100+ exam fee just to get a flea and tick prescription. You shouldn’t have to face any barriers to giving your pet the long, healthy life they deserve.

The ability to prescribe flea & tick Rx in these states will join the suite of tools and services we offer to help prioritize pet health. Pawp is bringing quality care into every pet parent’s home so they can connect with experts in under 1 minute, get same-day prescriptions, and shop vet-recommended pharmacy products — right from their phone.

This launch only proves that we will continue to iterate to make the best experience for all pets and their parents. We may not deserve pets, but we will do our very best to give them the healthiest and happiest life possible.

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