New York To Become The Third State To Ban Pet Stores From Selling Puppies

New York To Become The Third State To Ban Pet Stores From Selling Puppies

Kerry Weiss

Updated December 30, 2022 • Published June 07, 2019

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New York To Become The Third State To Ban Pet Stores From Selling Puppies

How much is that doggy in the window? Well, if you live in New York, that doggy (and kitty, and bunny) won’t be for sale much longer.

That’s thanks to the state’s support of a bill that will prohibit the sale of these pets in pet stores.

Why Is This Important?

For starters, puppies that are sold in pet stores typically come from puppy mills, which are facilities that mass-produce puppies for commercial gain, according to the Humane Society.

“Puppy mills aren’t regulated, and a lot of those dogs, especially the breeding dogs, are suffering — they’re living in squalor and not getting appropriate veterinary care,” explains Nikita Singhani, DVM, veterinarian at West Chelsea Veterinary in New York City.

And puppy mill puppies tend to suffer as well, as they are prone to health issues. “A lot of these puppies are inbred, they have a lot of congenital issues, and they tend to be sick when we first see them,” adds Dr. Singhani. “Which is a lot for an owner, too, who just got a puppy and is super excited, then they find out their puppy has pneumonia.”

You Can Still Get That Puppy in the Window

Only, it won’t be for sale. Instead, the bill permits pet stores to offer their space to animal shelters and rescues. That way, pet stores can feature animals from these organizations that are up for adoption, connecting pets in need with the loving homes they deserve.

In turn, the hope is that puppy mills will eventually have to shut down as a result eliminating their access to sell their mass-produced puppies in pet stores.

Kudos, New York

Out of all 50 states, New York has one of the highest number of pet retailers that sell puppies, so this ban is big news. If (when) the bill passes, New York will become the third state to sign on to this ban that takes a stand against puppy mill cruelty, after California and Maryland.

“I personally think this is a great thing. I think puppy mills are absolutely horrific, and they need to be stopped,” says Singhani.

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