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Everything You Need For The Perfect Spa Day With Your Dog — Without The Groomer

There are few things more relaxing than spending a day fully dedicated to pampering yourself — and that goes for your dog too. It may seem like your pupper friend is living the high life with free food and belly rubs, but the truth is a lot of things can cause stress for our dog companions. And a lot of that comes from the anxiety of being without their humans!

So what better way to quell your dog's anxiety than by spending the whole day relaxing with them? Honestly, you both deserve it. Check out these self-care products to plan the perfect home spa day for you and your dog.

Supa Coco Coconut & Salmon Oil Supplement$21

A spa day is all about looking and feeling your best, which is why a little coconut and salmon oil will go a long way. Treat all manner of winter-related skin itchiness and put the luster back in your dog's coat with this 12-ounce miracle supplement. Plus, it helps with digestion and boosting the immune system too. Win-win-win.

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Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool$24.95

This combination sprayer-scrubber makes bath time a breeze (when it's normally a tsunami). You can strap this bad boy to your hand, to the shower, or fit it on a hose for some (outdoor) fun. For indoor doggy spa days, the Aquapaw allows you to start and stop the stream of water with a squeeze of a fist. Convenience at its finest.

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Modern Kanine Pet Grooming Wipes$8.99

For those of us who don't want to spend the whole spa day wrangling our pups in the tub, there is of course a much simpler option: grooming wipes. The alcohol-free formula comes in peach, coconut, and unscented and contains vitamin E and aloe vera. Sometimes you just need a spot clean, and these are as efficient as it gets.

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Max-Bone T-Shirt$45

When you're lounging around all day, looking to let it all go and feel relaxed, the most important piece of the puzzle is a comfy little outfit. Your dog shouldn't have to lose out on being cozy too. This lightweight, super soft gray tee comes in small, medium, and large so any doggo can snuggle in style.

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Bocce's Bakery Bedtime Tea Biscuits$5.50

These wheat-free bedtime biscuits are the perfect treats to help your dog sit back and relax. Made with banana, vanilla, and lavendar, these delicious noms are designed to help with anxiety and insomnia. So be prepared for a calm, sleepy pup. Finally!

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Kin + Kind Hip & Joint Supplement$19.99

This hip & joint supplement is aimed at increasing your dog's bone strength and flexibility all while making it easier and less painful to move. This supplement, made from coconut, turmeric, and black pepper, isn't just for the older pups either, it's got loads of benefits for dogs of any age. And isn't relieving tension the whole point of a spa day?

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Zippy Paws Coffee & Donutz Toy$15.99

Nothing says spa day like a great big "Donut Disturb" sign. Sweets and a day to myself? Yes, please! This interactive toy comes with three squeaky donuts and is a whole new play on the classic hide and seek game. Keep your dog entertained for hours while you enjoy a real coffee and donut (or three).

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ViviPet Cat & Dog Sunglasses$5.99

A spa day wouldn't be complete without the perfect outfit. These stylish yellow sunglasses, made from plastic and alloy metal, add the perfect self-care touch when your pup inevitably falls asleep at the window in the sun. Added bonus? There's no way the pupperazzi will recognize your dog now!

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