11 Environmentally-Friendly Products Every Pet Parent Needs

Looking for pet products that don't harm the planet? Look no further. Here are our picks for environmentally-friendly pet products.

Courtney Elliott

Updated January 10, 2023 • Published January 03, 2023

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11 Environmentally-Friendly Products Every Pet Parent Needs

Disposable pee pads, plastic poop bags, and sneakily toxic stain removers are just a few of the things that many pet parents have on hand. Given there are millions of pets across the country, it's clear that pet parenting can be quite detrimental to the environment.

And while some of these items may be necessary, others aren't. The more you can DIY and use what you already have, the better. And for the essentials, there are sustainable alternatives out there that will contribute less to the destruction of the environment and still spoil your pet.

Of course, there's only so much we can control. But if you're committed to being a sustainable pet parent, consider investing in environmentally-friendly products.

11 environmentally-friendly pet products

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