Beat The Heat: Cooling Products You Need This Summer

When the temperature starts heating up, stock up on cooling products so your furry friend can stay comfortable all season long. Here are our top picks.

Courtney Elliott

Updated May 15, 2023 • Published May 15, 2023

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Beat The Heat: Cooling Products You Need This Summer

Summertime means more fun in the sun for everyone. And while getting some much needed Vitamin D is good for both humans and pets, the heat can take its toll.

Pets are at higher risk of overheating during the summer. Even just a small amount of exercise in the heat can lead to heat stroke, especially for brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds. It's important to keep your pets well hydrated, avoid over exercising, and never leave them in the car.

In addition to these basic tips, there are plenty of cooling products for pets on the market that can help give them a little reprieve from the sweltering heat. Stock up on these before those high temps become a reality, and you'll be better prepared for the summer season ahead.

Cooling products you need this summer

Cooling treats

Cooling treats are a great way to keep your pets cool during the summertime. Whether you fill a lick mat with peanut butter or use a mold to create your own frozen treats, it can be fun to experiment with different recipes.

We asked some of our Pawp parents what their favorite frozen treats are, and here's what we heard:

"My cat Squid loves frozen Churu. For my dog Rodger, I am a classic kong type dog mom—I fill it with a bit of peanut butter, bananas, blueberries, and apple sauce or baby food. We have also started doing frozen carrots after soaking them in bone broth." - Alasia

"I cut up fruit and veggies and freeze them into ice cubes (green beans, carrots, blueberries)!" - Haley

"I put plain Greek yogurt in an ice tray (ours are fish and starfish-shaped. I like the silicone trays so it is easy to get them out), squash a couple of blueberries into each section, and freeze them." - Alison

Cooling beds, pads & vests

For those really hot days, you may need to go beyond cooling treats and get something for your furry friend to either lay on or wear. Cooling pads are made with a gel formula that absorbs body heat and reduces body temperature, while most vests typically rely on the process of evaporation to cool your pup once wet.

Water bottles

Dogs are at high risk of dehydration during the summer, so it's important to bring water with you everywhere you go. Before you set out on a walk or hike with your dog, make sure you pack a full, dog-friendly water bottle.

No matter where your adventures take you and your pup this summer, make sure you have what you need to keep them safe and comfortable. If you have questions about how to cool your dog down or are afraid they may be overheating, reach out to the team at Pawp—we're here to help 24/7.

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