The Best Dog Daycares In Philadelphia

Looking for a dog daycare in Philadelphia? We've rounded up the best options in The City of Brotherly Love so your pup gets the attention and care he needs.

Brittany Leitner

Updated January 05, 2023 • Published June 06, 2022

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The Best Dog Daycares In Philadelphia

If you’re a pet parent, you should be familiar with the daycares in your area, no matter where you live. You never know when you might need an unexpected sitter—even if you typically have a family member who can step up to the plate to save the day. Things happen, so being prepared for the unexpected can help save you from a last-minute headache. 

That’s why we’re rounding up the best dog daycares in Philadelphia. Keep this list handy on your phone, email it to your friends, or even print it out and keep it on your fridge for easy access. 

We get it; no one can take care of your pup as well as you can, but the places on this list come pretty close. Whether you need to leave your dog for a vacation, wedding, or even just for a few hours as your apartment gets fumigated, here are the top dog daycares in Philly.

The best dog daycares in Philadelphia 

1. barKadelphia

614 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19147

Per Day Rate: $38

barKadelphia sounds like an awesome place just from its name, but it gets even better once you see what dogs experience when they come here. This daycare is located in the Queens Village neighborhood, and even has a dog grooming spa on-site. 

If you want a one-stop shop for all your pup’s needs, this is a great option. 

2. Doggie V.I.P. Philly

 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Suite S0Z08, Philadelphia, PA 19130

Per Day Rate: $33

What's with Philly having the best names for doggie daycares? Like the name suggests, your dog will be treated like the V.I.P. they are in your heart. Here, you can load up on the perks to add to your dog’s experience from a curated menu. Think: meals, manicures, and more.

The best part is that you can check in to see how your dog is doing at any time, thanks to the free webcam that’s always rolling while your dog is away.

3. Central Bark Philadelphia

2501 Wharton St suite f, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Per Day Rate: $46

Whether you want your dog to stay for the day, night, or to get in a training sesh, Central Bark is the place to take your pup for everything you need. You can choose the size of your dog’s playgroup so the experience will be completely tailored to their needs (and their anxiety level), and rest assured your dog is in a spacious, clean area. 

You can even have your dog visit the Central Bark doggie spa and pick up their favorite food and treats at the in-store market. 

4. Just for Paws Philly

633 W. Rittenhouse Street, Suite 11 Philadelphia, PA 19144

Per Day Rate: $35

This doggy daycare was started by a Philly native and dog lover, who wanted pet parents to know their dogs are in good hands while they have to spend time apart. To spend the day at Just for Paws, all dogs must pass a temperament evaluation to ensure that every dog that comes through is safe. This is a great place for your dog to get in some socialization with other dogs who are guaranteed friendly. 

You can even purchase different packages, up to a 30-day package to save money if you know you’re going to need extra help managing your pup. 

5. Camp Bow Wow

2850 Comly Road Philadelphia, PA 19154

Per Day Rate: $34

At Camp Bow Wow, you can get your first day completely free, and after that it’s just $34 each time you visit. There are both indoor and outdoor activity yards, so your dog will be stimulated and play time can easily be adjusted for unexpected weather conditions or heat waves.

The best part? There’s no additional charge for medication administration or other special needs requests.

6. Little White Dog Doggie Daycare

90 Rochelle Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Per Day Rate: $40

The Little White Dog Doggie Day Care offers half or full days in a space that boasts 6,000 square feet. If your dog needs to run free, have space, and interact with other dogs to improve socialization, this is a great daycare option.

Before being allowed to enter into larger group settings with other dogs, pups will be required to undergo a temperament test with a certified dog trainer to ensure everyone’s safety. 

7. Scallywags Dog Daycare

4367 Cresson Street Manayunk, PA 19127

Per Day Rate: $34

If you have more than one dog, you can shave a few bucks off of the price of admission when you take the whole crew to this Philadelphia dog daycare. The first pup is $34 and the second one (or third or fourth!) is just $28 after that. This is a great place to tire out a bored dog, since employees keep the dogs stimulated with all-day play. 

Dogs also undergo a behavioral evaluation before being allowed in. 

8. The Ruff Life

48 S 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19106

Per Day Rate: $35

This doggie daycare is located in Old City, Philadelphia and boasts over 1,500 square feet of space for your dog to enjoy while you’re away. If you need a last minute dog sitter, this place should be your go to, since you’re not required to make a reservation to drop your pup off. Any last minute friends can always come and enjoy the party! 

9. BarkPark South

1715 McKean St #101, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Per Day Rate: $40

BarkPark South offers care for dogs and cats, so this can be a great one-stop shop if you have both. They also offer in-house grooming. If you want to truly make your dog feel spoiled in their experience, add on an enrichment puzzle to keep their mind sharp, or book an extra walk so they can enjoy some outdoor time. 

Each time your dog stays, they’ll naturally become more obedient and well-behaved, since there is built-in pack training to reinforce obedience skills.

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