9 Ideas For A New Puppy Announcement

Did you get a new puppy? Share the happy news on social with one of Pawp's ideas for a new puppy announcement, from TikTok trends to Twitter posts..

Brittany Leitner

Updated December 15, 2022 • Published March 28, 2022

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9 Ideas For A New Puppy Announcement

Did you even get a new puppy if you didn’t post on Instagram? Kidding. But it is fun to announce your new family member to your friends and family online. I mean, posting a cute photo of a puppy is pretty much the easiest way to rack up the Insta likes. 

All jokes aside, a new puppy announcement is so much more than just finding the perfect model shot of your fur son or daughter. Getting a puppy is a huge commitment, and before you know it, you’ll grow to love your pup as if they were a human member of the family.

You have so many adventures ahead of you, so you might as well document them as you go along. If you need some help figuring out the best way to announce to social media that you’re a new puppy parent, here are a few of our favorite ways to break the news. Cue the notifications. 

9 Ideas for a new puppy announcement

1. Letter board: “Our family is growing by four paws”

Letter boards aren’t just for baby announcements!

Why not go all out and grab a letterboard to announce that you’re getting a puppy. You can even announce the name of your new canine companion while you’re at it. Once you’re done snapping the announcement shot, keep track of your pet’s milestones with the same letterboard. When you’re not using it for photos, keep it in your kitchen or office to post your favorite quote or grocery list.

2. Flat lay: Arrange items like a dog bone, toys, collar

If you simply can’t wait to announce that you’re getting a puppy and don’t have any cute shots of him yet, you can start hinting to your followers with a flat lay image. Gather up all of the accessories and toys you’ve already purchased for your pet and take an overhead shot to spread the good news.

3. Newborn photoshoot 

This one doesn’t even need any careful planning or creativity. Your puppy is the star of the show, so why not let him shine in all his glory for the camera? Get your fur baby camera ready. The spotlight moment he deserves.

4. Pup in the box

I feel like just about every ‘90s movie had a Christmas scene where someone brought in a puppy in a festively decorated cardboard box. Cue the nostalgia and film your dog popping his wet little nose out of the top of the box in a video or boomerang shot.

5. I want this forever

Put an “I found my forever home” sign on or in front of your dog and go to town snapping their photo. This is especially cute if you’re announcing your pet adoption.

6. Custom merch

Grabbing your puppy a customized bandana or outfit with their name on it is the perfect way to welcome them into the world and announce the news to your followers. Your dog will grow into a bandana that they can continue wearing throughout their life, and you can snap monthly milestone photos of your dog wearing the same one throughout the years.

7. Involve your kids or other pets, “Big sister” “Big brother”

Dogs quickly become family members, so if you already have kids, calling them “siblings” isn’t really a stretch. You can even freak out your followers by making them think you’re having another baby and then coyly reveal that it was just a puppy after all.

8. Peek-a-boo reveal

If your puppy is so small he can fit in the palm of your hand, why not show your followers just how miniature they are by using your hands for scale. In this latest TikTok trend, puppy parents are cupping their small pet in their hands and completely covering them up to the camera. From there, they slowly reveal the puppy under their hands or in their palms.

9. Throw a surprise announcement party

Reveal parties don’t just have to be about babies. Why not invite your friends over for what they think is a night in with the girls, only to bring out the star of the show? Your new puppy. It’s a great way for all of the important people in your life to meet the important animal in your life at the same time.

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