7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For City Life

Some pups may be better suited for apartment living than others. Learn more about these city-friendly dog breeds.

Sydney Chamberlain

Updated November 02, 2022 • Published June 07, 2019

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7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For City Life

Living in the city usually means limited space, which often requires certain sacrifices. Fortunately for dog lovers, living in the city doesn’t mean you have to be completely pup-less. In fact, there are plenty of dogs who have a curious demeanor that pairs perfectly with your lifestyle.

Truth be told, any dog can be great for the city. The trick? "Keep them active and find a good playgroup so that they can work out their energy in a productive way instead of taking it out on your small apartment," says Marie Arena, CVT, veterinary technician at [Buddy Dog Humane Society][1] in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

That said, "Some breeds are more predisposed to be calm, quiet 'apartment dogs,'" adds Arena.

With that in mind, here are seven breeds that you're likely to see a lot of around any city.

1. Dachshunds

7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for City Life

The small size of the Dachshund isn’t the only thing that makes them perfect for city life. They’re an energetic, endearing breed, and their friendliness — as well as their iconic look — is sure to get attention when you take them out for daily walks. Being that they are one of the most popular breeds, you may be able to find one that's up for adoption.

2. Corgis

7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for City Life

Corgis are a highly-favored dog breed. They're small, agile, smart, and loyal, making them the perfect city companion. In general, these herders fit perfectly into any condo, apartment, or tight living quarters. Just be sure to exercise them daily to burn off some of their energy.

3. Bulldogs

7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for City Life

Friendly and calm, a Bulldog could be a bright addition to your home. They’re a short, stout, and solid breed. While they are likely to do more channel surfing than ball chasing, Bulldogs can fit perfectly into a more sedentary lifestyle, but they need regular exercise to promote overall health just like any other breed. A daily brisk walk and moderate activity is all a Bulldog needs to stay happy and healthy. And its distinctive features (such as its squished face and big chops) will be recognized everywhere you go. Just beware: They drool!

4. Basenjis

7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for City Life

Basenjis are independent, poised, smart, and slim. They are the "Barkless Dog" of Africa, and that makes them great for city life, as their quiet demeanor won’t disturb your neighbors. They are compact hunters who are insistent, intelligent, and sweet. They are nimble and cat-like, and groom themselves like a feline would. Just be sure to train them to obey commands, and keep them active — they’re known to find mischief if they get bored!

5. Pugs

7 Dog Breeds Perfect For City Life

With their distinctive face and their curly tail, Pugs are a favorite small yet muscular breed. They are loving, charming, and mischievous. While their energy requirements are on the high side, their size makes them ideal for an active city-dweller. Their sparkling big eyes and wrinkly face enable them to make many human-like expressions too! You just need to keep an eye on their weight. Pugs love to eat, and they can quickly become a pudge without proper monitoring.

6. Greyhounds

7 Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for City Life

This noble breed is gentle yet energetic at the same time. Made famous for their speed in racing, Greyhounds are independent and sweet. To live happily, they don't need a lot of room, but they do need to burn off their energy. A daily run at the dog park is a must, so if you live an active lifestyle, a spry Greyhound could be a good fit.

7. Boxers

7 Dog Breeds Perfect For City Life

Ranking in the top 10 dog breeds by the [American Kennel Club][9] (AKC), a Boxer is a great all-around companion, whether you’re in an apartment or not. They are bright and gentle, craving fun alongside their master. As the name suggests, Boxers do actually "box" with their paws. They stand on their hind legs and use their paws to ‘fight’ while playing. They are courageous and can be silly, promising you great companionship.

Pick the Right Companion

When it comes down to it, you should focus on finding a dog that will be a good match for you. "It's important to remember that not all dogs are the same...breed is not the only indicator of behavior and personality," says Arena.

And purebred breeds are far from your only options. Any dog can make a good "city dog" if you know how to properly care for them.

If you are looking for a willful companion to enjoy city life with you, consider heading to your local adoption center or animal shelter. You'll be sure to find a mix of mutts and even a handful of designer breeds in need of a home. Even if you don't have a lot of space, opening up your heart and home to a dog can help both of you enjoy a happier life.

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