10 Best Dog Training Schools In NYC, For Every Kind Of Pup

Dogs are literal angels to look at and a little less so when they destroy your things. If you're having behavior, aggression, socializing, or potty training issues with your dog, check out this list of the best dog training schools in NYC.

Aly Walansky

Updated December 19, 2022 • Published January 27, 2020

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10 Best Dog Training Schools In NYC, For Every Kind Of Pup

Our dogs may be adorable, but they can also be possession-destroying monsters. If you've ever lost a pair of shoes or the last 200 pages of a favorite book to your dog's teeth, this one is for you. Dogs may be the absolute best things that happened to humans, but there are still a lot of behavior and training issues they need to learn and have reinforced in the early years of life. From where to use the bathroom, to behavior and matters, to understanding commands and socializing with other dogs.

Obedience school can be so useful in helping with that socialization (with people and other dogs!), potty training, how to greet people without jumping on them, walking on a leash, learning basic commands, and so much more.

Of course, if you google dog training, there are all sorts of options... so deciding where to try first (and spend your money on) is a difficult decision. That's why we've gone ahead and made it that much easier by compiling a list of the best dog training schools in NYC.

1. Wag the Dog NYC

Williamsburg 212 S 2nd St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

This school with multiple locations throughout the city offers a basic overview training class for puppies essentials and how to handle puppy biting and mouthing, potty training, destructive behaviors, and chewing. You’ll also learn about walking gear (harnesses, collars, leashes, and proper puppy mental stimulation. Once you take that course, send your pups to the "puppy manners" class, where they can learn about everything from name recognition to sit/stay commands and impulse control.

2. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Inglewood 181 E 111th St. New York, NY 10029

When it comes to learning, every person is different and the same goes for pets. This school has a customized curriculum they’ll develop for a pet depending on training goals and a dog’s specific needs, be it manners, socialization, or behavior issues. They even offer a day school (just like day care but with a little learning) if your pup needs extra lessons.

3. School For The Dogs

East Village 92 E 7th St. New York, NY 10009

This spot offers various training options, from one-to-one sessions to group classes, and even advanced and specialized options. These include cool, unique ideas like field trips, scent training, and classes to learn about shapes, colors, and numbers.

4. Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Chelsea 127 W 26th St. New York, NY 10001

This spot offers personalized training to fit your dog’s temperament, your lifestyle, and expectations and is willing to do this training either in your home or a local park. They provide a variety of different training focuses, like on-leash aggression and even introducing your dog to your new baby. They know one size doesn't fit all and will create a program for you.

5. Brooklyn Dog Training Center

South Slope 213 21st St. Brooklyn, NY 11232

This school has all the typical manners and behavior classes to satisfy many dog owners' needs, but also fun options like dog agility classes, Parkour, and even training for competitions! They tout themselves as having a larger variety of dog classes than any other NYC location and the list certainly goes on!

6. Andrea Arden Dog Training

Chelsea 32 W 25th St. New York, NY 10010

Private training and group classes are available, from puppy manners to basic obedience, to tricks and agility enrichment. They emphasize that dog training should feel more fun than like a punishment (so your dog actually learns!), and that's an ethos we can get behind.

7. Shelby Semel Dog Training

Lenox Hill 1105 1st Ave. New York, NY 10022

This spot focuses on encouragement and socialization, and even has an introductory puppy kindergarten for pups who aren’t yet ready for an hour-long basic obedience class. Their focus is not on repeatedly calling out bad behavior, but in actually fostering a relationship of respect between a dog and their owner.

8. Urban K-9 Dog Training

Carroll Gardens 314 Carroll St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

With day school and board and train options, there are all sorts of convenient ways to get your furry baby the training they need at this Brooklyn spot. They also specialize in aiding pups with anxiety problems, so if you haven't been able to leave the house in a while... this may be the place for you.

9. Tyril Frith Canine Academy

Cambria Heights Queens, NY 11411

Tyril has been a professional dog trainer for more than 50 years, and specializes in puppy and obedience training at an affordable rate. He does more than just make your pup bark when you yell "speak!"; he's been called "the dog whisperer of Brooklyn" (even though they're currently located in Queens). He does service surrounding areas, so feel free to contact him.

10. Perfect Behavior Dog Training

Upper West Side 313 W 90th St. New York, NY 10024

This obedience school offers both home based training and also a day camp in partnership with Playground Pups that will include training sessions and socializing. They hope to provide a well-mannered dog that fits into your lifestyle.

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