10 Best Dog Parks In New York City For Your Pup To Roam Free

When you're living in New York City, it might feel like there aren't a lot of free spaces where your dog can run unleashed. So we put together a list of the best dog parks in NYC, so you and your dog can run and explore as much as you'd like.

Aly Walansky

Updated January 05, 2023 • Published February 03, 2020

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10 Best Dog Parks In New York City For Your Pup To Roam Free

New York City has some of the best food and shopping in the country. It’s a convergence of many cultures and countries in one - well, very cramped - city. That’s great for finding the best late night snacks or morning bagels, but for our furry family members, it probably means living in a cramped apartment with no yard to play and limited room to run around.

At some point, the healthy thing to do is to get the pup out of that apartment and socialize him (and yourself) in a dog park. New York City has a bunch of them, and they often mean room to roam and play, lots of exercise, and maybe even a few new friends. (For your pup, and for you!).

There’s some essential (but pretty basic) rules of dog park etiquette to keep in mind no matter which park you end up going to: pick up after your dog and properly dispose of any mess (of course!); make sure your dog plays nice and doesn’t attack any other pets (or birds or squirrels as they may breed disease), and keep your pup updated on any and all vaccinations. Some parks even require proof of those vaccines to be carried with you.

1. Prospect Park Dog Beach

Park Slope 95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn, NY 11215

This gorgeous Brooklyn park is wide open with tons of space for your pup to run. It has off-leash hours from 5 am to 9 am and from 9 pm to 1 pm. And for the fancier dogs who need something more? There’s a literal dog beach here. Some sand is roped off where dogs can run in the lake water and swim. It's great for hot days!

2. Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene 100 Washington Park Brooklyn, NY 11205

This beautiful park has off-leash hours (woot!) and beautiful grassy hills to enjoy as your dog runs in the wide open (but fenced in!) spaces. This park requires dog owners or sitters to carry proof of current dog license and rabies vaccination with them.

3. Washington Square Park

West Village 59 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012

This park boasts a great location with tons of opportunities for people- watching. A little park reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, it has two areas to separate large and small dogs. It also has a great community with fun events year round. Don’t miss this spot around Halloween!

4. Sir William's Dog Run

Inwood 65 Margaret Corbin Dr. New York, NY 10040

Located in the large and scenic Fort Tryon Park in upper Manhattan, near the Inwood area, this is Manhattan's largest dog run. It's tucked away, rustic, and has areas for both large and small dogs. It also has eight miles of pathways to stroll along, on leash, that has amazing views of the Hudson River and the Palisades, making for a romantic stroll for you as well!

5. Tompkins Square Dog Run

East Village 99 1/2 St Marks Pl. New York, NY 10009

This spot has tons of space to run, and is divided into a large and small dog run, three swimming pools, picnic tables, as well as bath areas. They have hoses to spray off your pup (and that darn sand!) before heading back home.

6. Madison Square Park Dog Run

NoMad Madison Square Park, Broadway New York, NY 10010

This great park features a double-entry gate, which keeps pets safe and free water and clean-up bags are available just in case you ever make an impromptu trip. Make sure to make a pit stop at Shake Shack while you are there; they also happen to have a dog-friendly treats so you both can enjoy yourselves!

7. Sirius Dog Run

Battery Park 385 S End Ave. New York, NY 10280

Sirius Dog Run has a beautiful backstory to go along with its stunning scenery. It was built in honor of a service dog who died during the 9/11 rescue efforts. This beautiful park has lots of shade, with trees and benches to sit while the pups play and even has a dog wading pool for the dogs that need a dip on a hot day.

8. West Village D.O.G. Run

West Village 55 Little W 12th St. New York, NY 10014

This small, but pristine West Village park actually does have a membership fee, as it’s inside a private park area. But, as they say, membership has its privileges, from first-aid kits to balls and toys, to a dog pool that’s kept clean and refreshed. If you're living in the area or even looking to keep your pooch in the in-crowd, this is a great option.

9. Chelsea Waterside Park

West Chelsea 11th Ave & W 23rd St. New York, NY 10011

This dog run is a great choice for that puppy or adult dog with too much energy. Tire them out at this athletic and adventurous park with everything from climbing rocks to fun interactive ways to run and jump with their new friends. Then you get to take them home and marvel how cute they are as they are (finally!) napping.

10. Hillside Dog Park

DUMBO Vine St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, this park is both gorgeous and loads of fun. With a ground that is made up of a mix of dirt and wood chips and over two acres of terrain to run and play in, your pooch will have no shortage of room to roam free. There are water fountains and dog bowls, as well as shade and benches and even some kiddie pools.

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