Pet Insurance Alternative: Pawp Helps Pay Vet Bills

Pet Insurance Alternative: Pawp Helps Pay Vet Bills

“Should I get pet insurance?” It’s a question a lot of pet parents ask themselves. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no — it really depends on your pet, your location, and your budget. No pet insurance providers cover preexisting conditions and monthly premiums can vary wildly by breed, age, and city. Only 2% of pets in the US are insured despite the fact that emergency vet visits can cost thousands. That’s why Pawp is offering its Emergency Fund — an affordable alternative to pet insurance that doesn’t discriminate against pets of any breed or age. It’s the ultimate hack for paying your vet bills.

What is Pawp?

Pawp is here for every stage of your pet emergency. Pawp, a pet insurance alternative, offers 24/7 access to online vets for up to six pets (cats and dogs). Our licensed Pawp Vets can answer any general questions or provide real-time vet advice in an emergency situation. If any one of your pets is having an emergency that requires an immediate vet clinic visit, we’ll cover up to $3,000 of your emergency vet bill.

Is your pet protected?

Talk to a vet 24/7. Get $3,000 in an emergency.

Vet on a video chat with a gray cat

The Pawp Emergency Fund helps with vet bills

Can't afford your vet bills? The Pawp Emergency Fund protects up to six cats and dogs in a household. You can access the $3,000 fund once per year for any one of your pets, making it the most affordable pet insurance alternative out there.

What the Emergency Fund covers

The pet insurance alternative Pawp can be used in the event of a life-threatening emergency. An emergency is any serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation that requires immediate medical attention. Some emergencies include: seizures, severe bleeding, choking, and difficulty breathing.

The difference between Pawp & pet insurance

Pawp is an alternative to pet insurance that offers a fixed fee of $24/month for 24/7 online vet access and a $3,000 emergency fund — and both can be used for up to 6 cats and dogs in a household at no extra cost.

Pawp is cheaper than pet insurance

The average cost of pet insurance for a monthly accident/illness plan in the US for dogs is $47.20 and cats is $29.54. And if you live in an expensive city, like New York, you could be charged upwards of $200/month for some breeds — and there’s still the copay and deductible to worry about.

Pawp has no copay, no deductible, and a 100% reimbursement rate

Unlike traditional pet insurances, Pawp doesn’t require you to pay for your emergency clinic visit unless it exceeds $3,000. While other pet insurance providers may reimburse at 60-90% after you meet your deductible, Pawp covers the whole bill — no copay required.

Pawp pays your vet bill before you leave the clinic

If a Pawp Vet determines your pet is an emergency situation, they will activate your Emergency Fund. After your pet is treated and your clinic invoice is finalized, the Pawp team will review your charges and pay up to $3,000 right then and there. Traditional pet insurances have a 30-day waiting period before they guarantee payment. With Pawp, you’re not paying out of pocket at all.

Get Your Vet Bill Paid

Access $3,000 for a pet emergency.

Vet on a video chat with a gray cat

Pawp doesn’t discriminate by age, breed, location, or medical history

With traditional pet insurance, premiums vary by your pet’s details. Older pets and pets whose breeds are prone to hereditary issues will often have unthinkably high premiums. Coupling that with the fact that no pet insurances cover preexisting conditions, it’s hard to imagine how most people can afford to stay covered in an emergency (let alone the emergency itself).

Pawp protects all pets equally, no matter any of their personal details. All cats and dogs are covered in the event of an emergency, even if that emergency relates to a preexisting condition. The fund cannot, however, be used to cover a planned surgery or issue-related appointment. Check out the pet insurance alternative Pawp for more details on protecting your pet.

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