Woman sitting playing with dog and cat with a paid vet bill overhead

What is the
Emergency Fund?

The Pawp Emergency Fund is a financial safety net that reimburses you up to $3,000 for one vet bill a year in an unexpected, life-threatening medical situation.

What does the Emergency Fund cover?

The Pawp Emergency Fund is there for you when the unthinkable happens. It covers you in the event of one emergency per year, providing up to $3,000 back annually. Pawp defines an emergency as being both unexpected and immediately life-threatening.

Some issues we cover:

Red spots on white circle

Allergic Reaction

yellow snake on white circle

Animal Poison

brain on white circle

Cluster Seizures

stomach on white circle

GDV Bloat

car crash on white circle

Car Accident

Thermometer on white circle


Dog lying on floor on white circle

Sudden Collapse

poison bottle on white circle

Toxic Ingestion

This list is not exhaustive. All emergencies are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by your care provider & the Pawp medical review team.

How does the Emergency Fund work?

For more information on the Emergency Fund, check out our Support Page.